Sunday, March 23, 2008

Super Sugar Snap Peas Planted (GDD 6)

Super Sugar Snap Peas, originally uploaded by tpl108.

The soil in the raised bed warmed to 40 degrees, prompting me to plant the first crop of the season - Burpee's Super Sugar Snap Peas. Having great success with plain sugar snaps last year, a full 8' row of peas were planted. Following Jim Crockett's advice -- if you're stingy with your peas, they'll be stingy with you -- seeds were liberally spread. Wise words. Wise man.

Righting last year's improper citing of the raised bed, the bed was moved 30 feet east a bit south to take better advantage of the sun. During the height of summer last year, the bed received as few as four hours of direct sunlight, which lead to less-than-impressive yields.

Also, a quick soil test showed that my soil is slightly alcaline and depleted of nutrients.

Sources: Deirdre's Garden Diary, Growing and Caring for Peas, Capital District Community Gardens


Marc said...

Wow, I love the photo! Sugar Snap Peas are great. I've planted mine already too - 9 days ago but they have yet to sprout. Do you use innoculate on them? I'm worried that I should have.

growyourownveg said...

i normally leave them overnight in a class of water.

plant them next day, and in a couple of days im seeing the first sprouts.

Teresa said...

It's great to see so many things growing already! Great picture on the sugar snap peas!

Randy Emmitt said...

Just found your blog and enjoyed this article.

We planted the same peas on January 24th, they are now 4-6 inches tall and hopefully ready to spring upward. We are in Durham, NC.